Live sound

I started to play in bands in 1980 and did hundreds of gigs where I got a deep knowledge of how to hook everything up to get a good sound from the stage. In the 1990’s I used that knowledge paired with my studio engineering experience to do live FOH sound locally as well as on tour for many fine bands. Treble´N Bass, There Trampolines and Tribe Vibes were some of these. My biggest challenge was The Family Tree, a 12 piece soul band with two lead vocalist, a horn section, backing vocalists and whatnot. I got a lot of compliments for the sound over the years. I believe it is because I mixed it like a record with the vocals in the forefront. Tribe Vibes used to be a nine piece reggae band. I got to do the live sound for them as far away as Singapore and I went with the Trampolines to Japan. Nice times, but when I started to get kids, I stopped doing live shows, because I did not want to be gone week ends. Now that the kids are older, I want to get back in the game again. So, if you need a person with 30 years of experience behind a mixing desk and an ear for balancing sounds just right, hit me up!

Make way for the family tree!

Tribe Vibes – Banother boat song

The Trampolines – Like a fish out of sea