These are some of the artists I have worked with over the years:


Sweden’s biggest and most loveable ethane MEGASTAR. I did ten singles and many album tracks for Arash over the years. Temptation was THE song in Sweden in the summer of 2005. number 1 on national airplay 4 weeks in a row. The ESC 2009 second runner up,  Always was popular worldwide. Pure Love was THE song of 2009 in Russia. Broken Angel was even bigger! with over 100 million views combined  One day has an awesome video. Check it out!


Michael Learns To Rock
Denmark’s biggest band internationally. I first produced one huge hit single, Take Me To Your Heart on the multi platinum album of the same name,  and then I went on to several singles primarily for the Chinese market. I also mixed their live album, did some instruments and production on the Scandinavia album and recently produced 2 songs on their latest four track EP, called Dream Girl and We shared the night


Albanian celebrity. I produced, mixed and mastered many singles and albums for Blero as well as numerous of his artist collaborations and on top of that many songs for other artists. Blero is a huge star in the Albanian speaking community.  5 – Five has over 25 million views. Here´s another nice track: Summer Love

BleroOfficial on YouTube


Turkish delight. I first re-produced and mixed his 2016 ESC entry in 2017 as a duet with the legendary Martha Wash, I Didn’t Know That got me the offer to produce 8 more songs for the 2019 album. Then I did the production of Serhat’s entry in the ESC 2019, Say Na Na Na

Serhat official website


Hasse Andersson
Swedish folk singer who got a second life when the song Guld och gröna skogar cowritten and produced by me made a killing in Melodifestivalen 2015. It already has over 27 million streams on Spotify.


King of Swedish pop dance. I mixed and mastered four tracks for the man, Crash and burn was one.


Sweden’s hottest dance act. I did two tracks on the debut album. Enormous Emotions is my favourite.


Cameron Cartio
Persian Power Pop! Cameron is a great entertainer and a beautiful person. His single, Bia Nazdiktar is very nice, indeed 🙂
as is Sheytoonaki.

Cameron Cartio on Facebook


Treble’N Bass
Formed in 1991 we scored several top ten Scandinavian hits with tracks like My sweet señorita (1992), Jam, jam,jam [all night long] (1993) Rain and sunshine [Olah, olah hey] (1994). They have been released in many terrirories including the USA. I produced and cowrote two albums and seven singles.


All girl hard rock combo dressed in leather and latex! Their debut single Heaven´s on fire went gold in Sweden and Platinum i Denmark. I produced one album and three singles. Also known as Starz!? following a name dispute. Wig wam bam was another single off the album.


Mango Chutney
An early dance act. The song Kitchen Table was made in 1988 and was the first ever production out of World Studios when it was released in 1989. The iconic video was banned from daytime MTV, but got aired at nights. :D. We did many versions of the song. This version below is the first/original version remastered by me in 2016.


Jessica Wolff
Female kung fu snake charmer extraordinaire. I wrote and produced 2 singles for her like Want you out of my head
I also did a lot of post production on some of the album tracks. Check her homepage out!


The Trampolines (Carlton records)
A guitar based pop act formed in 1992. The Trampolines were big in Japan, where album sales exceed 200 000 units. I helped mix and oversee the production of three albums and seven singles. Like a fish out of sea is one of my favourites along with Good morning to the world


Fabrizio Faniello
Maltas biggest export since the middle ages! Fabrizio has competed in Maltasong several times with a track composed and produced by me. I will fight for you was one of them. I have done 7 singles + 7 album tracks for him at least. I lost count… 🙂


Denmarks hottest ethno artist. I did two singles and three album tracks for her. Jaande is a really good one.
Aneela on Facebook


HipHop/RNB girl singer/rapper from Malmö making it in the Middle East. I did two singles, Aiwa and Ja Leili that have been massive in the deserts! I also mixed and co-produced one album.

Look Twice
Hip Hop act with many hits. Funk You Up! was number 2 in the Japanese Club Chart in 1997.