A great song is where it all starts. I am happy to write for you and cowrite with you if there is a commercial project that needs a song or two. Music, lyrics and production – I supply it all. I write lyrics in English and in Swedish.

I have written and cowritten songs for 30 years now and I am always eager to co-write with composers, lyricists and artists or to write for specific artists in any genre – as long as it is – in some sense of the word – pop music. I have almost 300 songs registered with STIM and have composed songs for Michael Learns To Rock, Arash, Blero, Hasse Andersson, Tegomass, Starz, Treble´N Bass, Powerplay, Anne Gadegaard and many more.

The Eurovision Song Contest has a special place in my heart and it is also an arena that needs a lot of new songs every year. In 2004, one of my compositions was accepted for the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. Out of over 3400 submissions, 28 songs were selected, among them “Still Believe”, Written by Bejerholm, Heiling, Sahlin  – no small feat! 2005 Bejerholm/Sahlin/Grech had a song, “Love Is The Reason”, performed by Natasha and Charlene in the Maltese ESC finals. Since then, I have had a song in some ESC country every year. 2009 was the international highlight so far, with Arash finishing 3rd in Moscow for Azerbadjan with the song Always. 2011 meant going back to Malta with the song “No Surrender” performed by Fabrizio Faniello. Then in 2012 with “Love-O-Holic” and 2013 with two songs. 2015 saw an entry co-penned by Mr B in the Swedish Melodifestivalen – “Guld och gröna skogar” performed by Hasse Andersson. 20 million plays already on Spotify. Sweden has 9 million inhabitants. It is already a classic. 😀

I have worked on a lot of songs for young artists, mainly from Denmark. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest, or Mini-MGP in Danish, is a big deal there, Actually, it gets a lot more attention and sales. I have had the fortune of producing many songs over the years for young aspiring artists and some have gone on to record albums where I got to write songs. The first and greatest so far has been Anne Gaadegaard, who won the competition in 2003 and I went on to produce 4 albums where I naturally got to write some of the songs. I also produced and co-wrote “Allt jag vill ha”, the Swedish entry in Minsk 2010.