Rates and Rules

Rates and rules 2023: Prices went up from August 1, 2023 due to the massive inflation we are all suffering, but not by a lot, because we are all suffering.


Mastering of 1 stereo track – 150 Euros per song

Mastering of 2 stereo tracks, like music+vocals – 200 Euros per song

Mastering of 3-9 tracks/stems – 250 Euros per song

Mix when the music is one track final instrumental and I just have to work on the vocals and master – 300 euros per song

Mix and master – 600 euros per song

Full Production, Mix and Master – 3 000 Euros per song

Bundle deals for several songs sent to me at the same time are negotiable.

I also do editing, recording and programming / Instrument overdubs on an hourly rate. I charge 100 Euros per commenced hour for that, with a minimum charge of 300 euros


For mixes and larger mastering projects, I get paid half of the amount in advance, before I start to work. This amount is not refundable. The second half is due when the work is done – before I deliver the final mix files in the formats of your choice. I will send you MP3s for approvals and adjustments. You can of course not release those MP3 files until I get paid in full.

In the case of mastering just one song, you simply pay everything up front.

I accept Bank Transfers, Wise, Revolut, Curve, PayPal, Swish, Ria, MoneyGram and cash.

For customers in Sweden, I am obliged to add moms (VAT)

For customers in the EU without a valid EU VAT number, I am obliged to add VAT

Swedish VAT is 25% of the total sum excluding VAT

Here’s a link to my PayPal account if you want to send me money quickly. Please make sure that I get the correct final amount and the you cover any potential fees for the transaction. paypal.me/WorldStudios