I have been producing music for happy clients since the late 80´s. No job is too small or too big. I can do whatever you need from just adding some guitars or keyboards to your track to a full production. I work in most styles of music and as long as you know what you want – I can produce it for you! These are some tracks produced by me over the years. I linked to the version on youtube with the least crappy audio quality..

Treble & Bass “My Sweet Señorita” – 1992

Treble´N Bass “Jam, Jam, Jam” – 1995

Look Twice – “Funk you up” – 1997

Anne Gaadegaard “Arabiens dröm” 2003

Arash “Temptation” (Russian version) – 2006

Blero “5” -2015

MLTR “Dream Girl” – 2016

Serhat “Say na na na” – 2019

Here some MP3s of some other productions I did in various styles as well: